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Choosing the right fence for you...

There are several types of fences we build. We can build many types of wood & aluminum styles to suit your needs. When choosing the best fence you first need to decide what type of fencing would be best for the area it will be. Examples:

Building a wood fence in the way of irrigation would ultimately cause the fence to rot with constant water touching those areas. So an Aluminum may be the best option for you.

If the ground conditions are wet then having your posts dipped by us can prevent future rotting. We can always add the product to your quote.

Another option to consider is if the area is prone to wood boring insects. If so, then Cedar is a great option.

Once you have decided on fencing type you can look at the options for the style & height you would prefer. On our website we have many examples of the fence types to choose from. We are available to answer any of your fence questions through our online chat or 615-977-1450 & you can book your appointment on our website to have us come out for a free estimate.

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